About Lemnis

girlLemnis Lighting is a fore-runner in sustainable lighting with led technology


Lemnis Lighting wants to enable the transition from current wasteful lighting solutions towards energy-efficient alternatives, without making concessions on customer needs.

Through dedicated business units in the fields of home lighting, public lighting, greenhouse lighting and solar lighting, Lemnis markets high quality light that saves energy and lasts a generation. All products are best in their class, from street luminaires that improve sight to greenhouse lighting that makes plants grow bigger, from the best LED bulb in your house to the best solution for sustainable lighting in areas with no access to the power grid.

Lighting is a necessity. For education, commercial activity, recreation and safety. But lighting is also responsible for 19 percent of our electricity demand, worldwide. Lemnis Lighting shows that there’s a better approach to lighting, one that benefits your wallet and the planet alike.

Led Technology – sustainable innovations

Lemnis Lighting puts sustainability at the center of the design process, and takes it from there. Using this approach, the company develops innovations that help consumers, companies and policy makers to combat climate change by replacing traditional lighting with led technology. The advantages of led lighting are bigger than energy savings alone: costs for maintenance and replacement are both reduced, while performance is enhanced. And that’s what Lemnis Lighting is all about: sustainability without compromise,that does not require concessions for the end user.

Lemnis background

Lemnis Lighting B.V. is a Dutch company with limited liability, and is a subsidiary of Tendris Holding. Tendris initiates, develops and invests in companies that focus on sustainable, market oriented and environmentally friendly solutions. All Tendris Holding R&D activities are performed by Tendris Solutions, from 3D modelling to prototypes.