Why choose to advertise here at Lenis Lightning? 

Here at Lemnis Lighting, we strive to provide the best products and services to our readers. Allow us to bring awareness and build traffic to your business. 

We offer the following options: 

Sponsored Button 

The displayed positions are placed randomly as we aim to help advertisers gain even exposure. The sponsorship button will be displayed on each page of the site. The button will be located under the sponsor heading.  

Strip Advertisement 

The strip advertisement you choose will display an advertised text that will appear on the top of the blog. This option will be the first element to load. Strip advertisement will become the first thing our readers see when they visit our site. The advertisement will have a limit that does not exceed forty characters. 

Embedded Advertisement 

The embedded ad will appear on each page. The advertisement will be placed in rotation. The banner will not reach 25K. The use of Flash is allowed. 

Premium Ad Sponsorship 

The premium advertisement will appear on the top of the site. The banner cannot be any more than 30k in size.  

Sponsored Post on Social Media Sites  

Lemnis Lighting allows sponsored social media posts and tweets. Our goal is to create a strong following to give you a high return on your investment. Please note that all sponsored posts will also receive an automatic sponsored tweet with the provided link.