Best Stores

Looking for the best lighting stores in town? While you can grab a basic lamp for your home, why not spice up your style and illuminate your home or business.

s1Canal Lighting & Parts

Looking for hard to find light bulbs for your favorite light fixture? This store is well stocked with everything from vintage bulbs to disco balls. You can get every style imaginable. Whether you’re looking to upgrade light bulbs for your home or equip the office lights, this spot has all the light bulbs and parts you need.


One of the best high-end Italian light fixture shops provides every light in every style. From glamorous lamps to desktop lights, you will find elaborator chandeliers and more to set up your style. Check out all their selection that ranged from elegant pieces, artsy style, and modern minimalism.


Beam is another famous store with all the lighting goods. The LA-based design studio can turn a simple light fixture into a work of art in your home.

Oriental Lamp Shade

The Oriental Lamp Shade provides plenty of old world charm and elegant lamps. Their professional staff is well trained and knows what you need to fix your antique light. Got an old lamp you love but still needs fixing? They can fix it up for you.

Lamp Warehouse

Looking for a bright light with different styles? The Lamp Warehouse has a great selection and can install the fixtures in your home.

Check out these stores for your next lighting purchase.